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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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$ 12.50

Streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato & aioli in 3 layers of multi grain bread.

$ 17.50

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, gherkin & lemon.

$ 20.50

2 waffles served with caramelised banana, yoghurt & maple syrup ~ Add bacon $4.50

Eggs Benedict

Your choice of mushroom, bacon or salmon, 2 poached eggs, toasted ciabatta & hollandaise.

$ 20.50
$ 22.50
$ 23.50
Soup of the day
$ 16.50

Please ask your waiter for our delicious offering.

$ 19.50

3 egg omelette, fresh ham, tomato, herbs & cheese with salad or toast.

Poppies breakfast
$ 24.50

Streaky bacon, hash browns, pork sausage, roasted tomato, mushrooms, 2 eggs & toast.

Poppies toastie
$ 16.50

Ham off the bone, tomato & cheese in toasted focaccia bread with fries or salad.

Seasonal risotto (V)
$ 21.50

To maximise the use of the wonderful local produce, ask your waiter for today’s delicious offering. ~ Add free range chicken for $5.50

Chicken salad (GF/DF)
$ 23.50

Free range chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes, almonds, edamame beans, seasonal leaves & basil dressing.

Fish n chips (DF)
$ 24.50

Market fresh fillets, beer battered, w fries, salad, tartare & lemon.

Lamb curry (GF)
$ 24.50

Tender lamb cooked in a Delhi style curry with a tomato sauce, spices & fresh coriander. Served with apple chutney, raita, rice & poppadum.

Fish special (GF)
$ 26.50

Market fresh fish, please ask for today’s delicious offering.

Wild Venison Pie
$ 24.50

Sauté venison, slowly cooked in red wine with caramelised onion, carrots, cranberries, roasted garlic, topped with puff pastry, served with a salad. ~ Add fries for $4.50


Garden salad
$ 8.50

With vinaigrette dressing

$ 8.50

With aioli


Crème brûlée
$ 17.50

Classic vanilla pod infused crème brûlée served with ice cream.

Sticky date
$ 16.50

Homemade sticky date pudding served with toffee sauce & ice cream.



Bread & Dips (V)
$ 17.50

Homemade bread served with a selection of house made dips.

Garlic Prawns (DF)
$ 22.50

Sauté prawn cutlets with garlic, lemon & a hint of chilli, served with fresh bread.

Salmon Chowder
$ 19.50

Freshly made local salmon chowder, served with fresh bread.

Salmon Gravlax (GF/DF)
$ 23.50

Local Mt Cook Salmon cured with fennel & coriander, broccoli cream, lemon & beetroot caviar.

Goats Cheese Salad (V)
$ 21.50

Crumbled goats cheese, leafy greens, candied walnuts, sun dried tomatoes & balsamic dressing.

$ 29.50
Lamb Carpaccio (GF/DF)
$ 22.50

Lamb fillet rolled in rosemary & orange rub, caponata, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic.


Each main meal comes with complimentary salad or seasonal vegetables.

Lamb Curry (GF)
$ 35.50

Tender lamb cooked in a Delhi style curry with tomatoes, spices & fresh coriander. Served with apple & date chutney, raita, rice & poppadum.

Mt Cook Salmon (GF/DF)
$ 39.50

Local Mt Cook alpine salmon fillet with charred asparagus, Anna potatoes & fennel sabayon.

Fish & Chips (DF)
$ 34.50

Market fish fillets in crispy beer battered & served with fries, homemade tartare sauce & lemon.

Duo of Venison (GF)
$ 40.50

Sauté Venison rack & loin served with smoked kumara puree, macerated cherries, crispy kale & jus.

Fillet Steak (GF)
$ 42.50

Angus fillet steak wrapped in streaky bacon & cooked to your liking, onion puree, red wine shallots, mushroom espuma & onion ash.

Carrot Cylinder (V/GF/DF)
$ 34.50

A Carrot cylinder filled with Puy lentils & spinach, broccoli cream, crispy kale & balsamic.

Pappardelle Pasta (V)
$ 32.50

Fresh homemade pasta with sauté asparagus, peas & parmesan in white wine sauce. Add free range chicken $5.50 or Prawns $7.50


Fries served with aioli
$ 9.50
Seasonal vegetables with aioli
$ 9.50
Fresh salad with balsamic dressing
$ 9.50


$ 17.50

Kapiti vanilla bean ice cream served with a shot of coffee, amaretto liqueur and biscotti.

Coconut Panna cotta (GF/DF)
$ 18.50

Coconut & vanilla infused Panna cotta with roasted strawberries.

The “Orange” (GF)
$ 19.50

A Wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Chocolate Fondant
$ 18.50

Homemade rich chocolate fondant baked to order, served with Kapiti vanilla bean ice cream.

Please let us know of any dietary requirements & where possible we will make the necessary changes to your dish.

GF: Gluten Free

DF: Dairy Free

V: Vegetarian